Top 10 Best Commercial Walk Behind Salt Spreaders in 2022 Reviews

With inescapable snowy weather coming for a few and just around the corner to many others, ice and snow removal professionals are preparing to get their time to shine. Obtaining rock salt and ice melting products spread equally and efficiently is an absolute requirement to maintaining private and commercial properties equally safe from potential accidents.

The ideal business-grade winter spreader can make it a cinch to handle any program which comes your way. With heavy-duty structure, expect your spreader to be powerful enough to deal with the components this entire winter and be ready to proceed if the snowy months roll back.

If you are about to buy a salt spreader, do not be overwhelmed by the numerous varieties out there; we have done the heavy lifting for you and below present the best units. In our analysis, we considered usability, capacity, price, overall quality and user ratings. This enabled us to settle on the top 10 best commercial walk behind salt spreaders in 2022. Check the reviews below and choose the best walk behind salt spreader to meet your needs.

10. Chapin International 80LB Residential Turf Spreader, 80 lb, Red

Best Commercial Walk Behind Salt Spreaders 10. Streamline Industrial SPREADER Commercial - for Salt & Sand - Push Type/Walk Behind - 100 Lb Capacity

This walk behind salt spreader is a 1.5 cubic foot capacity model that promises superior performance with a capacity of 80 lb. Also, its handles are ergonomically designed so that you are comfortable when using the salt spreader. In addition, the heavy duty construction ensures a durable machine that will serve you well offering value for money. Moreover, it is very easy to use and can be used for salt, and sand.

9. Chapin International 80LB Residential Turf Spreader, 80 lb, Red

Best Commercial Walk Behind Salt Spreaders 9. EAMR-337WB101G * SaltDogg Walk Behind Salt Spreader - Black

Easily de-ice sidewalks, driveways and other areas with this high quality walk behind salt spreader. The unit features an adjustable spread range of up to 24 feet and an impressive capacity of 100 lb. Also, 1.5 cubic yard hopper of the spreader is made from durable materials that is rust and dent resistant. In addition, the 12″ Pneumatic tires enhance mobility while deflectors help with accurate calibration of the spreader. Moreover, the frame is made of high quality and durable materials.

8. Chapin International Inc. 8401C Chapin 80 Lb. SureSpread Professional Spreader, Red

Best Commercial Walk Behind Salt Spreaders 8. EAMR-337WB201G * SaltDogg Walk Behind Salt Spreader - Stainless Steel

Another walk behind salt spreader you can invest in this year is this unit from Chapin. With a 80lb capacity, an adjustable spread range of up to 24 feet and a 1.5 cubic yard hooper, this unit will greatly enhance your de-icing experience. Also, the 13″ Pneumatic tires are not only durable but also efficiently trudge through uneven terrain and snow. This spreader is also made from durable components further giving you value for money. In addition, it is very easy to control material flow with the simple lever.

7. CHAPIN R E 81008A 80LB Residential Salt Spreader, 80 lb

Best Commercial Walk Behind Salt Spreaders 7. CHAPIN R E 81008A 80LB Residential Salt Spreader, 80 lb

This residential salt spreader is great for lawn maintenance and other applications. It is very easy to use and features an 80 lb hopper capacity. In addition, it comes with 10″ Pneumatic tires, a heavy duty steel frame and a high quality bail system. Moreover, the ergonomic handle bars ensure you are comfortable while using this walk behind salt spreader. Furthermore, adjustable baffles increase efficiency.

6. Chapin 8201A 80-Pound Residential Salt Spreader, Blue

Best Commercial Walk Behind Salt Spreaders 6. 130lb Ice Control Push Salt Spreader with Large Pneumatic Tires, 25,000 sq. ft. coverage by Agri-Fab

Agri-Fab has manufactured a superior walk behind salt spreader that will help you tackle even the worst of winter. With a large hopper capacity of 8 lb, you can complete projects quickly saving time and effort. Its performance is further enhanced by 12-inch pneumatic tires for stability over uneven terrain. In addition, this spreader comes with a hopper cover, a deflector and spreader grate. It is also light weight thus easy to handle.

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5. Chapin 82088 80-Pound Professional Sure Spread Salt and Ice Melt Spreader with Baffles, (1 Spreader/Package)

Best Commercial Walk Behind Salt Spreaders 5. NAMR-82500B* Chapin Walk-Behind Stainless Steel Spreader — 100-Lb. Capacity

This is also a large and effective walk behind spreader that is designed for maximum comfort and performance. The spreader features a 80 lb capacity hopper, stainless steel frame and stainless steel T-handles. In addition, the metal gears ensure no debris interference. The tires are of the highest quality to help you maneuver through ice and snow easily. Moreover, the handles contain rubber grips for extra comfort while the rolled edges do not contain welds.

4. The Andersons Yard Star Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader

Best Commercial Walk Behind Salt Spreaders 4. Ice Buster Walk-Behind Salt Spreader

The ice Buster walk behind salt spreader is designed for superior performance and comfort. The large wheels help when pushing through ice, slush or snow. In addition, the handle contain a flow regulator. Furthermore, for enhanced performance, this spreader features carbon steel axle, carbon steel linkage and stainless steel gears. Moreover, load capacity is 50 lbs and the spreader contains an adjustable deflector.

3. Chapin International 8400C Chapin Professional SureSpread Spreader, 100 Lb. Capacity-8400C, Red

Best Commercial Walk Behind Salt Spreaders 3. Universal Spreader, 100 Lb. Capacity by Global Industrial

This universal spreader is perfect for lime, ice melt, salt, seed fertilizer and similar materials. The performance of this walk behind salt spreader is also impressive with a load capacity of 100 lbs. In addition, the spreader is made from high quality and durable components. As well, the 14″ tires are made from quality pneumatic material to easily move when in use. It also comes with deflectors making the unit even more reliable.

2. Scotts Elite Broadcast Spreader with EdgeGuard

Best Commercial Walk Behind Salt Spreaders 2. Scotts Elite Broadcast Spreader with EdgeGuard

The Scotts Elite Broadcast walk behind salt spreader features dual rotor technology that provide excellent accuracy while spreading. The spreader also features a 6 feet spread pattern further saving your time when working. Moreover, with a capacity of 25 lbs and an EdgeGuard, this is a superior spreader. In addition, the never-flat tires are perfect for any terrain while the ergonomic handles further enhance your comfort. These features make this unit one of the best walk behind salt spreaders today.

1. Chapin 82400B Spreader, Blue

Best Commercial Walk Behind Salt Spreaders 1. Chapin 80088 80-Pound Residential Salt and Ice Melt Spreader, (1 Spreader/Package)

This 100 pound walk behind salt spreader has a large hopper design and features a rugged coated steel frame. In addition, its 14 inch pneumatic tires can move through any terrain while the ergonomic bail system promotes comfort. The 4-sided baffle system of the spreader and exclusive salt augers further enhance performance. Besides, this spreader comes with rain/snow cover as well as a salt grate.

A quality walk behind salt spreader must have a large hopper capacity, an ergonomic design, and be manufactured from durable components. All the top 10 best commercial walk-behind salt spreaders we reviewed above, especially Chapin 82400B Spreader, meet these criteria. They are also highly rated by current customers. So, these salt spreaders are therefore highly recommended. You can therefore buy with confidence.

What Are Salt Spreaders?

A salt spreader is a system that attaches to the rear of a car to spread salt onto a recently plowed street. Individuals who push ATVs equipped with snowplows facing frequently have salt spreaders attached in the rear to care for the earth against ice formation along with additional snow buildup. Salt is used to resist snow since the mineral functions as a melting agent.

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This is why rock salt is widely used along highways and roads throughout the chilly months when snow and hail are predicted. With the extra spread of salt, there is less chance of re-layered snow over the next 24 hours. Additionally, there is less prospect of harmful ice formation, which may otherwise cause slips, accidents, and accidents. While salt is an effective tool for combating snow, then it’s also important to get a solid blower that could crack through ice and snow and proceed with such buildup from the way.

How to Choose a Salt Spreader

1. Deicing Material

Various kinds of jobs need various kinds of minerals. If you’re plowing snow and ice away from sensitive masonry, calcium chloride are the ideal material for your job. Other tasks call for more conventional rock salt.

2. Capacity

Think about the total amount of floor the spreader will have to pay on a particular route. If you push a commercial plow, you should have the car’s built-in rear using a tailgate spreader. Having a tailgate spreader, the salt will be spread in a circular motion around the lane’s driving breadth.

3. Confinement

In case your salt dispersing will mostly be restricted to narrow areas such as drives and paths, your very best option is a walk-behind salt spreader. The walk-behind spreader is a manually controlled, wheelbarrow-like apparatus equipped with a grip. To function, you pull on the handle together from behind since you tread snow-covered paths.

4. Material

The fabric of the salt spreader will affect its performance over time. In the last several decades, polyethylene (“poly”) has been the favorite material among plowers due to its sleekness and salt-resistant attributes. Salt dispersed out of a poly spreader slides more easily without adhering to the interior liner. Steel, by contrast, is coarser and accountable to induce salt to stick to the surface. A steel spreader could rust over time and reduce its capacity to work at optimum levels.

5. Durability

Concerning strength, there’s not any obvious winner between poly and steel salt spreaders. The actual difference between both substances boils to durability. The majority of steel salt spreaders are equipped with motorized motors that contain different moving metal components. Consequently, steel salt spreaders usually need pre-season upkeep. Poly salt spreaders are generally lower-maintenance as they’re normally equipped with electrical motors which contain fewer components.

6. Agitation System

A salt spreader needs to discharge salt at a speed that will not clog the machine. In this aspect, conveyor systems supply the weakest performance since the salt leak is untrue. The very best choice using steel salt spreaders is your auger system, where a drill is set in the hopper to split down salt substances before discharge. A few poly salt spreaders are outfitted with shaking programs, in which the salt is broken down from the hopper by way of agitation.

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