Top 5 Best Electric Downriggers in 2022 Reviews

Electric downriggers are important fishing gear. But how do you find the best units given the numerous brands and models in the market? To help, we have composed reviews of the top 5 best electric downriggers in 2022. These downriggers have amazing features and are made from high quality components. They are also highly rated by current customers. They are therefore highly recommended. Check out the reviews below and choose the one that appeals to you the most.

5. Scotty #1145 Counter Only w/ Base for Electric Depthpower Downriggers,black,Small

5. Scotty 2500 Electric Trap/Pot Line Puller

It is equipped with a compact puller which makes for simple stowing as well as attaches directly to the existing Scotty downrigger mounts. As well, its high torque 12-volts motor pulls one crab trap and up to four prawn traps easily. It also accommodates 0.25 inch to 0.375 inch line and has a trap capacity of up to 100lbs.

Moreover, it features premium duty stainless steel and composite construction for maximum stability, strength and long lasting durability and longevity. In addition, it is ultimate crab and prawn trap pulling machine that you require for an amazing experience.

4. Scotty #1060 Depthking Manual Downrigger, Display Packed w/ Rod Holder

4. Scotty Depthpower Electronic Downrigger w/Rod Holder

The downrigger has 1060 tilt-up mounting bracket that enables it to be tilted and locked in any upright position for high quality results. It also has marine grade stainless steel boom which is completely assembled as well as factory tested with full saltwater protection for long lasting durability and longevity.

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As well, it includes multi-position automatic stop and boom mounted adjustable 355 rodmaster II rod holder. Additionally, it is made from the finest materials which offer maximum strength, durability and stability. Besides, it features a compact size yet has all the features of larger models.

3. Scotty #1050MP Depthmaster Manual Downrigger, Display Packed w/ Rod Holder & Clamp Mount

3. Cannon Magnum Series Electric Downriggers

Scotty #1050MP Depthmaster Masterpack includes an adjustable, boom-mounted Rod Master II Rod Holder and is rigged with a Quick-slide #1010 deck mounting bracket and a portable #1021 Clamp Mount. Features include a 23 inch, ¾ inch in diameter, stainless steel boom, a spray protected, positive drive depth counter, a Power Grip Plus Line Release, and Quick-slide #1010 Deck Mounting Bracket.

It features an automatic brake with the most disc brake surface on the market. In the event of a bottom hang-up, it will pay-out to avoid losing gear. It has a high speed, one foot per turn spool coupled with the extra leverage extension handles makes cranking a breeze. Includes 200 feet of premium 150-pound stainless steel downrigger cable. The Depthmaster Masterpack offers more value for the fisherman than anything else on the market. The price and operating features of this unit beats the competition hands down.

Scotty manufactures products that are sold into the fishing, marine, and outdoor industries worldwide. We have all the gear from Pot Pullers, manual and electric Downriggers, Rod Holders, Oar Locks, Fishfinder, Rod, and Float Tube Mounts, to Safety Equipment for your boat, kayak, and stand up paddle board. When it comes to on the water safety, Scotty has got you covered! Scotty safety equipment ranges from rescue throw bags, whistles, flashlights, and sea-lights.

2. Scotty #1101 Depthpower Electric Downrigger w/30-inch Boom

2. Scotty #1101 Depthpower Electric Downrigger w/30-inch Boom

It has rod holder, swivel base, and 30-inch long stainless steel boom thus comes with everything you need. As well, it has completely adjustable decent speed and easily lifts 7lbs weights at a retrieval rate of 235 feet per minute or 15lbs weights at retrieval rate of 203 feet per minute.
It also has a multi-position automatic-stop and reduced amp draw. Additionally, it includes a boom mounted Rodmaster II rod holder as well as Power Grip Plus line release for high quality results. Besides, it is made from the highest quality materials which offer optimum durability, stability and strength.

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1. Scotty #1106 Depthpower Electric Downrigger w/ 60-Inch Telescopic Boom & Swivel Base, Rod Holder

1. CANNON Magnum 10 STX-TS Electric Downrigger

It is equipped with positive ion control which emits positive ions from the cable which combats the negative ions from the boat thus creates a fish-attracting energy field. As well, it has 24-inch premium duty stainless steel boom for optimum performance. It is also equipped with 360 degree swivel base as well as a boom that easily extends from 36 inches to 60 inches.

Besides, it has a retrieval rate of 250 feet per minute for ultra quick performance and has a standard mounting base. Moreover, it is equipped with 360 degree swivel base as well as a boom that easily extends from 24 inches to 53 inches. In addition, it has a redesigned boom end, one-piece composite construction, protected circuit boards and offers simple access to the mounting nuts, plugs, switches and spool.

The above are indeed the top 5 best electric downriggers in 2022 based on users’ reviews and their features. They are made of high quality materials for maximum stability, strength and durability. They are also very simple to use and operate with swivel mounting base and multi-set holder. Thus, you should choose and purchase any of the above electric downriggers for an amazing fishing experience.

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