Top 10 Best Fire Glass for Fire Pit in 2022 Reviews

When selecting the perfect propane or natural gas fire pits for your patio, selecting one with a quality finish enhances the overall look. Creating an outdoor fire pit can make all the difference on the look of your outdoor space. Also, the outdoor fireplace can become the focal point of your garden and help transform your social life.

You’ll find many great materials used to construct firepits including stainless steel burners, cast iron, cast aluminum, and glass. In addition, numerous styles of beautiful fire glass can be used for such a fire pit to fit your needs – even if you own a small backyard.

There are many styles and the fire glass you choose can create a better overall look to your fireplace and still improve on how a fire pit will light up. In this article, we will look at the best fire glasses on the market today.

These are special types of temper glass that provides long-lasting performance and a unique fire appearance too to make your outdoor fire pit stand out.

In most cases, this special glass material is exposed to chemical and thermal procedures to improve its overall strength when compared to the conventional forms of glass you’d find elsewhere. In addition, this “fire pit glass” is stained with different colors so you can experience unique flame results each time.

When choosing the best fire glass for your fire pit and your needs, ensures you choose one suited to your flame needs by evaluating the color, the finish, and tempered glass quality. Here is some of the best-rated glass for you to consider:

10. GASPRO 20 Pound Fire Glass Diamonds 1 Inch, Fire Pit Glass Rocks for Gas Fireplace and Fire Pit, Caribbean Blue, High Luster

10. KIBOW 10-Pound Pack Fire Glass Cashew for Gas Fire Pit, 1-Inch, Pacific Blue

It is very easy as well safe to use and clean. It features smooth glass cashews about 1 inch in length and 0.5 inches in width. Therefore, a 10lb package of these fire glass beads can cover 1.2 square feet and a 1 inch depth.

In addition, the fire glass is reusable and long lasting hence an excellent replacement for lava rocks or gas logs.

9. Future Way 20lbs Fire Pit Glass, 1/2 Inch Reflective Fire Glass for Fire Pit, Fire Table, Gas Fireplace, Decorative Glass Rocks, Black

9. Skyflame 10-Pound Blended Fire Glass for Fire Pit Fireplace Landscaping, 1/2 inch Caribbean Blue Platinum Copper, Reflective

The fire glass is colorful thus appealing in outdoor or indoor setups. Also, it can withstand extreme temperatures of fire pits since it is made through quality tempering and filtering. It will therefore not discolor with time because of the high heat in fire pits.

In addition, it is easy to set up and clean. Moreover, these fire glass are compatible with natural gas and propane.

8. Celestial Fire Glass Crushed Fire Glass – Tropical Blue (1/2″ to 3/4″) | 10 Pound Jar

8. Celestial Fire Glass Crushed Fire Glass - Tropical Blue (1/2

The fire glass undergoes a thorough inspection process thus meets the highest quality standards. Celestial Fire is sure of this fire glass that it offers a 100% money-back guarantee.

In addition, the fire glass features random gravel sizes and shapes but with a glass color thus looks elegant. It is also packaged in a sturdy and reusable jar for easy handling, storage and transport.

7. GASPRO 20 lbs Fire Glass for Propane Fire Pit, 1/2-Inch Reflective Fireplace Glass Rocks for Fire Pit Table, Cobalt Blue

7. Exotic Fire Glass - Black Reflective Fire Glass 1/2 Inch - 25lb. Bucket with Handle

Exotic fire glass is an awesome alternative of the normal lava rock, giving off more heat and adding unique look. It is perfect for propane or natural gas fire pits. It is also durable since the color neither melts nor degrades.

In addition, the fire glass is packaged in a heavy duty and reusable bucket for easy storage, handling and transportation. Before packaging, the fire glass is inspected for size and color consistency.

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6. Golden Flame 10-Pound x 1/2-Inch (Fire Glass) Rich-Copper Reflective

6. Golden Flame 10-Pound x 1/2-Inch (Fire Glass) Rich-Copper Reflective

Give your fire pit a stylish, modern and elegant look with the Golden Flame jewel faceted ½ inch fire glass. As well, bonded coating produces glittering and mesmerizing flames. Also, the fire glass undergoes thorough tempering and filtration for superior quality and durability.

In addition, it is gently tumbled and superbly polished removing sharp edges. It is therefore safe and very easy to install.

5. KIBOW 10-Pound Pack Fire Glass Beads Fire Glass Drops for Gas Fire Pit, 3/4 Inch-Pacific Blue

5. KIBOW 10-Pound Pack Fire Glass Beads Fire Glass Drops for Gas Fire Pit, 3/4 Inch-Pacific Blue

This fire glass beads have smooth and round edges with ¾ inch diameter. Therefore, the 10lb package can cover 1.2 square feet with a depth of 1 inch. In addition, it is designed for long lasting use and it is reusable.

Moreover, the glass beads are easy to clean and safe to use. As well, handling and storage is easy with the handled jar.

4. Onlyfire Fire Glass for Natural or Propane Fire Pit, Fireplace, or Gas Log Sets, 10-Pound, 1/2-Inch, Caribbean Blue Reflective

4. Onlyfire Fire Glass for Natural or Propane Fire Pit, Fireplace, or Gas Log Sets, 10-Pound, 1/2-Inch, Caribbean Blue Reflective

Replace outdated lava rock or gas logs for a modern and sophisticated look with the Onlyfire Fire Glass. It is thoroughly inspected and undergoes a tempering process to ensure elegance appearance and impeccable performance. It is also ideal for indoor or outdoor set ups.

In addition, it is durable and will not melt, discolor or deteriorate. The fire glass for fire pit is also easy to set up and clean.

3. Starfire Glass 10-Pound Fire Glass 1/2-Inch Caribbean Blue Reflective

3. Starfire Glass 10-Pound Fire Glass 1/2-Inch Caribbean Blue Reflective

Starfire Glass with bonded coating produces beautiful flames that flicker and dance turning your fire pit into wonderful work of art. It also undergoes tempering and filtering to ensure increased resistance and superior clarity.

It is also safe as well as clean to use. Gentle tumbling removes sharp edges. In addition, it does not degrade, melt or produce toxic fumes.

2. AZ Patio Heaters Fire Pit Fire Glass in Bahama Blend, 10 Pounds

2. AZ Patio Heaters Fire Pit Fire Glass in Bahama Blend, 10 Pounds

This fire pit fire glass produces dazzling flames that dance and flicker creating a beautiful experience. In addition, the fire glass is easy to maintain since it does not emit any ash, smoke or soot.

Moreover, this fire glass is ideal for indoor and outdoor setups, as well as propane or natural gas fires. The fire glass is also formulated for long term use; it will not melt or degrade.

1. Celestial Fire Glass High Luster, 1/2″ Reflective Tempered Fire Glass in Meridian Blue | 10 Pound Jar

1. Celestial Fire Glass High Luster, 1/2

This fire glass is not tumbled but rather undergoes a gentle screening process that removes any pieces with sharp edges. This leads to a high-luster fire glass that shimmers, glitters and sparkles under the flames. The luster is further enhanced by a mirrored backing.

In addition, the fire glass is packaged in jars making it easy to store, use and transport. Moreover, it is designed to last and will not fade or melt.

These are the top 10 best fire glass for pit in 2022 reviews based on the amazing features we have highlighted as well as the customer feedback. They are therefore highly recommended to turn any fire pit into a wonderful work of art.

Types of Fire Glass

Fire glass is an essential asset you can use to invigorate scenes, light up a room, or even create a mood at night with its glimmer. The sparkle it emits can complement one of your ordinary corners too.

Fire glass comes in numerous colors, reflective properties, sizes, and shapes, including celestial fire glass. With such a variety to choose from, it makes it easier to fit your home with a fireplace or fire pit that suits your style and preference.

Fire Glass Sizing

Fire glass is available in three sizes—fine, medium, and large sizes.

When determining what size is best for you, you need to consider two factors:

  • The amount of space available between the shards
  • The homogeneity of fire glass within that space.

1. Fine Fire Glass

This small fire glass comes in shards of a quarter-inch in size.

Its versatility makes it the industry’s standard. For example, it can work in large and small fire pits, even in the tiniest of fireplaces or installations, and offer a wide range of innovative features.

You can use fine fire glass in two to three tonal fire installations placed side by side. It gives a visual gradient between both areas, making your fire feature stand out more.

2. Medium Fire Glass

Medium fire glass features a diameter of just a little over half an inch. It’s perfect for larger fire installations.

Compared to fine fire glass, it provides much more texture. You can also implement the two-tone trick successfully with medium fire glass in long installations or fire pits.

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3. Large Fire Glass

Large fire glass sizes vary from one designer to another and can go up to two inches in width.

The glass is usually roughed up and possesses specific properties. If you have a traditional fire pit, especially with an earthy tone, these fire pit glass rocks are easier to use.

Large fire glass doesn’t stand in the way of flames. Instead, it allows them a smooth path between its crystals, giving you more liquid, curvier, and glossier flames. Hence, it’s best suited for use in deeper installations with smaller flames. These flames have liquid characteristics that this fire glass complements well.

Fire Glass Colors

Fire glass is available in a wide array of colors. The colors are usually long-lasting, brightening your place all night. Some of the most common fire glass colors are:

  • Sky blue fire glass
  • Black fire glass
  • Gold
  • Cobalt blue
  • Copper
  • Bronze
  • Red

    Classic Fire Glass

    This one provides a snaggy crystal look for a broken/crushed glass appearance. It’s available in different colors and quarter and half-inch sizes.

    Reflective Fire Glass

    It’s fire glass with a polished surface. The mirrored finish provided by its surface reflects light from the flames, resulting in a lively display of flames from your fire.

    Interestingly, during the daytime, the reflective mirror reflects the sun too. That creates a magnificent look without necessarily having a fire burning.

    Fire Beads

    These provide you with a bead-style shape that is familiar to most people. Due to their contemporary appearance and shape, most people prefer these fire pit glass beads.

    You can get them in a variety of colors. The “luster” appearance is available, offering you a more reflective appearance.

    Recycled Fire Glass

    Recycled fire glass is simply a refired fire glass. It follows the same process as other types of fire glass, creating a product of the same top quality and eco-friendliness.

    It’s available in various colors, and its size ranges from ½ – ¾ inches.

    Zircon Fire Glass

    The name zircon fire glass comes from the diamond-like shape it has. It has the shape of large zircon gems that gives it a lustrous appeal.

    Once you use zircon fire glass in your fireplace, it creates a luxurious appearance, enhancing your fire feature.

How to Install Fire Glass in a Fire Pit

The procedure for fire glass installation is relatively straightforward. If you can follow the instructions below, you can do it with ease, whether you have a copper fire bowl or a cast iron fire pit. However, if in any doubt, consult a licensed contractor.

Step 1: Prep the Fire Pit

The first thing is to prepare your fire pit for fire glass. You can clean the place to remove any dirt that may have remained from the previous fires.

Step 2: Add the Filler

Before adding the filer, measure three to four inches down from the top of the firepit using a measuring tape or a ruler.

Then mark the distance with an object like a pencil and fill up your pit with sand filler or lava rock up to the mark. Some manufacturers even have their filer, which you can purchase as you buy your fire glass.

Step 3: Find a Suitable Location and Install Your Fire Burner

The most suitable location to install the fire burner is at the center of the fire pit. Install the fire pit burner at that location on top of your appropriate filler. The gas holes should point upwards to help maximize efficiency and flame size.

Always follow local building codes during burner installation. For example, a propane burner requires that you install a pan underneath it. It’s also advisable to light the burner after installing it to examine the flame pattern before going to the next step.

Step 4: Install the Fire Glass

The last step in installing a fire glass in a fire pit involves pouring the fire glass into the fire pit.

A large bucket comes in handy in helping you have control as you pour the fire glass on top of your filler or lava rock. Once you’re through, put on protective gloves and shape your fire glass as you like.

Most people prefer the mound shape where the highest point is at the center. You can now light your fireplace and enjoy once again as the flames dance above your most preferred fire glass.

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