Top 10 Best Night Lights for Baby in 2022 Reviews

Whether you’re after a soft glow to help navigate around your baby’s bedroom at night, something to assist with the bedtime routine or a tool to help your child who’s scared of the dark, night lights are a great option for babies, toddlers and older children alike.

Establishing an effective sleep routine for your child can be challenging. You may find that your baby struggles to sleep in a completely dark room, toddlers may experience separation anxiety and older children may find it hard to switch off and relax. Night lights are a great way to create a gentle and soothing glow, take the edge off the darkness and help calm and settle your child before bed. 

From simple plug-in lights that offer a fixed, dim glow to projector lamps which cast a beautiful visual show across the ceiling, there are lots of night lights to choose from. So which one should you pick for your child? Luckily we’ve taken a look at and investigated the huge range of products available so you don’t have to. Taking into account recommendations from real parents, namely our trusted Mumsnet users and honest customer reviews, we’ve analysed the lights that mums and dads have put through their paces, and shortlisted our favourites that came up tops.

Here are the best night lights to buy in 2022.

10. Plug in LED Night Light with Smart Dusk to Dawn Sensor, MAZ-TEK Multi-Color Changeable Nightlights

Best Night Lights for Baby 10. Plug in LED Night Light with Smart Dusk to Dawn Sensor, MAZ-TEK Multi-Color Changeable Nightlights

It is multi-color changeable; this nightlight can change among more than eight colors to create romantic environment. Also, you just press the round button on the right to set the light color you want. As well, it has an automatic on or off and smart dusk to dawn sensor.

Moreover, it emits comfortable and beautiful light in your babies’ bedroom, helping them to have a warm as well as sweet sleep. Furthermore, it is great for use in anyplace such as bedroom, kitchen, corridor, bathroom, stairway, hallway, basement and many more. In addition, it features a cool-touch modern and ultra-slim design thus unique as well as space-saving.

9. Safety 1st LED Nightlight

Best Night Lights for Baby 8. Safety 1st LED Nightlight

This remarkable nightlight for babies is cool to touch while in use so it is very safe for use in your kid’s bedroom. It also meets and exceeds UL standard requirements thus very safe for use. What is more, its led lights last 25 times longer than ordinary light bulbs. Moreover, it costs up to 87-percent less to operate than ordinary nightlight bulbs.

8. Night Light for Kids, MediAcous Baby Night Light with 8 Colors Changing & Dimming Function, Rechargeable Night Light with 1 Hour Timer & Touch Control, Up to 100H

Best Night Lights for Baby 7. Night Lights for Kids, Multi Colors Star Projector

It has four main lights of warm green, red, blue, and white, projects a full starry star sky onto the ceiling and walls of your room. In particular, this vivid stray sky can help to develop your kids’ creativity and imagination.

As well, it features modern noiseless motor that offers an ideal as well as quite sleeping environment for your kid. Furthermore, it features glossy paint that makes it a great decoration.

7. LED Nursery Night Lights for Kids -USB Rechargeable Cute Animal Silicone Lamps with Touch Sensor and Remote Control -Portable Color Changing Glow Soft Cute Baby Infant Toddler Gift (Bear)

Best Night Lights for Baby 6. Bubzi Co Baby Sleep Aid Night Light

This nightlight soothes your kids to sleep with soft as well as comfortable lullabies thus your kids feel safe when they need to sleep. Also, it has soft lights that help your kids fall asleep as well as stay asleep. It plays 10 different lullabies as well as turns off after half an hour when your kid is asleep.

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Moreover, it emits soft nightlight to comfort your kid in the dark. Additionally, it is ideal for photo shoots, walks in the stroller and car rides.

6. LumiPets Cute Animal Silicone Baby Night Light

Best Night Lights for Baby 5. LumiPets Cute Animal Silicone Baby Night Light

This incredible nightlight for your baby provides a gentle as well as calming glow for babies of all ages. It is portable thus you kid will love carrying it from bedroom to hallway or even bathroom at night. Also, it is very easy to use and operate. Furthermore, it is safe and gentle as it will never get warm hence very safe for any use.

5. Moredig Night Light Projector, Night Light for Kids with Remote and Timer, 360 Degree Rotating – 8 Color Changing 12 Songs Kids Night Light – Black

Best Night Lights for Baby 4. Portable LED Night Light with Sensor Touch Control Adjustable Brightness Color and Rechargeable Battery

This nightlight features different brightness setting such as the brightest setting for reading, the brighter setting for feeding or changing diapers, and dimmable that won’t disturb your sleeping baby. It features smart non-polar touch to tone CCT and brightness.

Besides, it has over current and overvoltage Ic protection to ensure maximum safety. Moreover, it has a rechargeable battery with USB cable.

4. Hatch Baby Rest Night Light, Sound Machine and Time-to-Rise

Best Night Lights for Baby 2. Hatch Baby Rest Night Light, Sound Machine and Time-to-Rise

This amazing nightlight combines sound machine, nightlight and time-to-rise alerts in a single simple-to-use device that you can easily control from your phone. It is very simple to use since you can program it to turn on automatically.

It also offers soft light and white light for midnight breastfeeding. Moreover, it creates an ideal sleeping environment for your kid.

3. Night Light for Kids, Fortally Kids Night Light, Star Night Light, Nebula Star Projector 360 Degree Rotation – 4 LED Bulbs 12 Light Color Changing with USB Cable, Romantic Gifts for Men Women Children

Best Night Lights for Baby 3. 2018 NEWEST Baby Night Light, AnanBros Remote Control Star Projector

It features silent 3600 rotation design with nine different lighting effects. Also, it has an in-built 128M memory card that comes with twelve different enjoyable tracks that will put your baby right to sleep. In addition, it can be remote controlled from a maximum distance of 32 feet. Moreover, it has blue LED digital display that will never hurt you and your baby’s eyes in the dark.

2. One Fire Kids Night Light+Sound Machine Baby Night Light, 10 Colors Portable Night Light for Kids Lamp, White Noise Nursery Lamp Kids Night Lights for Bedroom, Remote+Timer Night Lamp LED Night Lights

Best Night Lights for Baby 9. Night lights For Kids Night Lighting Lamp Projector Lamp Household Lamps Decorative Lighting Lamps Baby Nursery Light Mood Night Lamp

You can utilize it for nightlight, projector lamp, night lighting lamp, working desk lamp, reading lamp, while new mothers could utilize it for changing diapers or breast-feeding. It emits soft lighting thus protecting your kids’ eyes.

Also, it can be utilized as a great outdoor night lighting lamp for camping, hiking, mountaineering, barbecues, and other outdoor activities. Most importantly, it is very easy to use with three buttons on its front side for choosing different color display, light mode and light rotation.

1. G Keni Nursery Night Light for Babies, LED Bedside Touch Sensor Lamp for Kids Breastfeeding and Sleep Aid, USB Rechargeable Nursery Lamp Dimmable Warm Night Light, Soft Eye Caring

Best Night Lights for Baby​ 1. VAVA Baby Night Light

This amazing nightlight for baby feature eye-caring and energy-efficient LED that creates an even non-flickering light that won’t hurt your eyes. Its color can be adjusted between warm white and cool white. Also, it has an easy touch-control designed for kids to learn as well as play with.

As well, it has a waterproof and portable design thus can be use anywhere. Furthermore, it is the ideal all-night companion for kids to keep them feeling safe and no longer afraid of darkness.

Like any other product, selecting the best night light for your baby needs a lot of effort and time considering a range of factors. With our review of the top 10 best night lights for your baby in 2022, we believe that you can now easily choose the high quality as well as affordable night lights to help your kids feel safe through the night and no longer afraid of darkness.

Are night lights good for babies?

Conventional wisdom would have us believe that children should learn to sleep in a pitch-black, quiet room. Fortunately, times are changing and nowadays parents feel more confident in choosing routines and habits that suit themselves and their children.

In short, if a night light helps your child to sleep well or be less afraid of the dark, then it’s almost certainly a good idea. What’s more, a few strategically placed, gentle night lights can help parents to navigate the dark, assisting with night feeds and nappy changes, as well as check on your sleeping baby without disturbing them.

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Just make sure the light is kept dim to ensure it doesn’t disrupt your or your child’s internal clock or overstimulate them at bedtime. Most night lights switch off after a short time so, once your child is asleep, the room becomes dark again.

What colour night light is best for babies?

A dim red light has been scientifically proven to be the least disruptive to the body, whereas blue lights can impact melatonin production and actually interfere with sleep patterns. Most night lights tend to offer a subtle gold or white glow, whereas others can alternate between a variety of colour options.

What should I look for in a night light?

Here are some features to consider when choosing the right night light for your child:

  • Age – Some night lights are targeted to soothe, comfort and calm a young baby, whereas others are more suitable for toddlers, preschoolers or older children. Look at the key features to consider which are most suitable for your child’s needs.
  • Power source – Does the night light require batteries? If so, it’s worth remembering that you will need a supply of replacements if the nightlight proves to be popular with your child. Alternatively, mains-powered or USB chargeable night lights can be more cost-effective in the long term. If the night light is battery powered, how long can you expect batteries to last? Some night lights with sounds and white noise can drain batteries pretty quickly.
  • Sounds – Do you want a night light with sound options and if so, what kind? Some night lights have white noise and soothing sounds, whilst others include lullabies and classical music. Some even allow you to record your own voice and sounds.
  • Motion or cry sensor – Some night lights come with motion or noise sensors that trigger light or comforting sounds when your baby wakes in the night. These can be really useful to help get your baby back to sleep without parental intervention.
  • Timer – One really useful night light feature is a timer where the night light turns itself off after a defined time period. Others require you to manually turn them off – this can be a risky action if you aren’t able to control it remotely.
  • Portability for travel – If you’re planning to travel or visit family, how easy is the night light to take with you? Is it portable and small enough to fit in your case?
  • Appealing design – Will your child like the night light? Is it a friendly and appealing character design? Can it be cuddled? Will it soothe and calm your baby or is there a risk of it overstimulating and exciting them?
  • Adjustable settings – How bright is the night light and can you change the settings to dim it as required? Are there a choice of colours available or is the colour fixed?
  • Ease of use – Are the instructions easy to follow? Does it require any initial set up or apps to download? If you have creaky floorboards or haven’t yet mastered the art of ninja creeping out of a sleeping child’s bedroom, a nightlight that can be controlled from the comfort of your phone is a big plus.

What age should a child stop using a night light?

There’s no definitive answer to this question, like most parenting conundrums. Your child will likely grow out of any attachment to a night light by the time they are four or five years old, but this largely depends on the child.

Some active imaginations struggle with nightmares or a fear of the dark throughout the primary years, and a night light can be a great help. What’s important is that the light is dim to keep any effect on the body’s natural rhythms to a minimum.

Can I leave a night light on all night?

There are a huge range of different night lights, so this will vary from one brand to the next. It isn’t recommended to keep a bright light or a projection show on all night long as this may affect the quality of your child’s sleep and even upset their entire body clock. But, generally speaking, a small light that gives off a dim glow can be used all night to no ill effect.

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