Top 10 Best Residential Ice Makers in 2022 Reviews

The best residential ice makers produce large amount of ice in a short period of time. Therefore, you should purchase the best ice makers. However, it can be a challenge for most people to choose and purchase the best because of the several brands currently in the market. We have composed a review of only the top 10 best residential ice makers in 2022 to make the selection easier. This review will help you to easily choose and purchase the best that match your ice making needs.

10. Ice Maker Machine for Countertop, Self-Cleaning Function, 26Lbs/24H Portable Ice Maker, 9 Ice Ready in 6 Mins, Compact Ice Maker with Ice Scoop & Basket for Home Use/Party/Camping (Black)

Best Residential Ice Makers 10. Igloo Portable Countertop Ice Maker

It features 3.1 liter capacity water reservoir which makes up to 26.5 lbs of ice in 24 hours. Also, it produces low noise hence wont interrupt the party as it makes ice for your drinks. Moreover, it has a modern design that perfectly matches with your homes décor and looks great on the counter. It is made of high quality materials for maximum durability and easy cleaning.

9. WATOOR Commercial Ice Maker Machine, Stainless Steel Ice Machine with 10 Lbs Ice Storage Capacity 66 Lbs in 24h, Free-Standing Ice Maker Machine Ideal for Home, Office, Restaurant, Bar, Coffee Shop

Best Residential Ice Makers 9. Best Choice Products Portable Compact Countertop Insulated Digital Ice Maker

It features insulation as well as makes ice in just a few minutes and it can produce 66 lbs of ice per day. Also, it is sleek and stylish thus perfectly fits any space like dorm room, apartment, office, or kitchen. It therefore allows you to enjoy ice-cold drinks all the time and anywhere. Furthermore, it has an excellent control panel that shows the ice level, water level, and allows you select to make small or big ice. It measures 37.8 x 36.8 x 23.3 inches with a water reservoir capacity of 2.3qt.

8. Igloo ICEB26WH 26-Pound Automatic Portable Countertop Ice Maker Machine – White

Best Residential Ice Makers 8. Igloo ICEB26WH 26-Pound Automatic Portable Countertop Ice Maker Machine - White

This ice maker works rapidly, making 9 small or large cylinder-shaped ice cubes in just 7 minutes. Moreover, it features a control panel that informs you if you need to add water or if the ice basket is full. Also, this machine produces up to 26 lbs of ice daily with optional ice sizes. It measures 9.61 x 14.69 x 12.4 inches thus compact and portable hence ideal for basement bars, outdoor parties, barbeques, and many more. Besides, This ice maker comes with ice scoop and basket that holds 2 lbs of ice at a time.

7. Gevi Household Ice Maker Machine | Countertop Icemaker with Self Cleaning Function | 9 Pcs in 6-8 Mins with 2 Optional Ice Sizes | Making Max 26Lbs/Day | Ideal for Home Party Kitchen RV Camping (Blue)

Best Residential Ice Makers 7. Northair HZB-12/SA Portable Ice Maker Machine Counter Top

It is compact and portable thus ideal for boat trips, camping vacations, RVs, and parties. As well, it is wrapped in high quality stainless steel which is available in four colorful colors. It makes 26 lbs of large or small bullet-shaped ice cubes daily as well as efficiently makes nine ice cubes in just six minutes. Moreover, it has an indicator light that lets you know when to add more water and when the ice basket is full.

6. Scotsman CU50GA Undercounter Ice Maker, Gourmet Cube, Air Cooled, Gravity Drain with Cord, 115V/60/1-ph, 14.4 Amp (15 Amp Circuit Required), 14.9″ Width x 22″ Diameter x 34.4″ Height

Best Residential Ice Makers 6. PFrigidaire EFIC108-WHITE Portable Compact Maker, Counter Top Ice Making Machine, White

It has a 3.1-liter water reservoir that produces 64 lbs of ice per day. As well, you can easily select large or small ice cubes by just pressing a button. Moreover, the transparent window permits you to see the entire ice-making process. With LED design, you can easily check the ice level and choose your desired ice cube size. Besides, this machine measures 22 x 14.88 x 34.38 inches, compact and portable, hence ideal for bars, cafes, home, restaurants, and many more.

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5. Blaze 50 Lb. 15-Inch Outdoor Rated Ice Maker with Gravity Drain – BLZ-ICEMKR-50GR

Best Residential Ice Makers 5. Opal Nugget Ice Maker

This residential ice maker produces ice cubes quickly with a production volume of up to 50 lbs of ice per day. This compact ice maker plugs into any electrical outlet in your home and is portable thus you can carry it to your next tailgating extravaganza or camping. It features the FirstBuild app thus you can set up ice making schedule easily.

4. DUURA DI50P 65Lb Premium Clear Ice Cube Maker Machine with Drain Pump Blue LED and Energy Star Built-In Undercounter or Freestanding Household Residential or Commercial Use, 15 Inch Wide, Silver

Best Residential Ice Makers 4. IKICH Portable Ice Maker Machine for Countertop, Ice Cubes Ready in 6 Mins, Make 26 lbs Ice in 24 Hrs with LED Display Perfect for Parties Mixed Drinks, Electric Ice Maker 2L with Ice Scoop and Basket

This ice maker works quickly, making 9 bullet-shaped ice-cubes per cycle in just 6 minutes. With options to choose ice sizes, up to 65 pounds of clear restaurant quality slab ice cubes per day.  Moreover, it features soft touch controls and indicator that lights up when the ice is full or when you need to add more water. three various ice cube sizes and an ice bin that stores 25 pounds of ice. Besides, this machine measures 23.4 x 14.6 x 32.6 inches, compact and portable, hence suitable for home or in the office, barbeques, outdoor parties, or basement bars. Additionally, it offers 2-year warranty and 30-day return policy.

3. hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine

Best Residential Ice Makers 3. hOmeLabs Portable Ice Maker Machine

This superior ice maker creates clear, bullet shaped ice up to 26lbs per day with a 2.2 liter water reservoir. It measures 9.5” x 12.9” x 14” thus a great choice for ice anywhere, anytime. As well, it features medium or small size alternatives for bullet shape ice. It is also energy efficient and quiet thus makes ice with low noise production. Moreover, it features an automatic shut off function and warning lights. It comes with an ice scoop and basket.

2. EdgeStar IP210BL Portable Countertop Ice Maker

Best Residential Ice Makers 2. EdgeStar IP210BL Portable Countertop Ice Maker

It features soft touch controls, three various ice cube sizes and an ice bin that stores 2.5 pounds of ice. Also, it is lightweight and simple to transport. Since it makes up to 28 pounds of ice per day and measures 14.75” x 11.75” x 14.5”you will have enough. Additionally, it is great for boats, cabins, RVs and many more. It is made of high quality materials for maximum durability and easy cleaning.

1. Vremi Countertop Ice Maker

Best Residential Ice Makers 1. Vremi Countertop Ice Maker

It works rapidly, making nine clear, bullet-shaped ice cubes in just 8 – 10 minutes and makes up to 26 lbs of ice per day. It measures 9.5” x 12.5” x 13.5” thus compact and portable hence ideal for basement bars, outdoor parties, barbeques, and many more. It comes with ice scoop and basket. Moreover, it is energy efficient and quiet thus makes ice with low noise production. In addition, it features an automatic shut off function and warning lights.

It is important to purchase the best residential ice maker so as to enjoy cold drinks anywhere, anytime. The above are the best residential ice makers in 2022 with a wide range of features and good prices. We recommend that you choose and purchase any of the above ice makers for an enjoyable experience.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Undercounter Ice Maker

If running out of ice is a recurring problem, an undercounter ice machine makes a useful kitchen appliance. These gadgets create and store ice to use on demand (and without taking up extra space in the fridge freezer or standalone freezer). Since they nestle right into the cabinetry, an undercounter ice maker won’t consume additional countertop or floor space.

While the benefits of having an undercounter ice maker are clear, not all ice makers are the same. Choose the best undercounter ice maker for your kitchen by considering the following criteria: the ice maker type, ice quality, machine capacity, cooling system type, installation requirements, and any additional features.


Undercounter ice makers come in a few different types, each with aesthetic and functional benefits. For home use, look for a machine that’s both practical and stylish.

The most popular style of built-in ice maker for home use has a stainless steel swinging door and looks like a small refrigerator. Other options have a plastic front lid that swings up for users to scoop out the ice.

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The ice inside is often stored in a plastic or stainless steel storage bin or bucket, which is sometimes removable for easier cleaning. Pan-style ice makers store the ice in a removable stainless steel pan instead of a deep bin.

Ice Type and Quality 

Ice makers can generate a few different kinds of ice, including the most popular: cube, nugget, crescent, and gourmet ice.

The best undercounter ice machines produce uniform, clear, and tasteless ice cubes that can cool a drink without leaving a bad odor or aftertaste. Of course, the ice quality is only as good as the water feeding into the machine. Filters help improve ice clarity and quality by removing contaminants and unpleasant odors and taste from the water. Especially in areas with hard or unpleasant-tasting water, filters are a good option.

For the highest ice quality possible (often considered a must for cocktails), look for an ice machine that advertises the ability to make clear ice. These machines employ a special ice-making process to improve ice clarity.

Production and Storage Capacity

Since ice makers not only produce, but also store ice cubes, these two factors are among the most important features. Also consider the machine’s production rate, which is the maximum quantity of ice the unit can produce in a 24-hour period.

Along with production rate, storage capacity is another important factor. The size of the storage bin determines how much ice is accessible after the machine has had a few hours to fill it.

Many residential undercounter ice machines can produce around 20 to 100 pounds of ice per day and store between 12 to 50 pounds of ice in their bin.

Cooling System

Ice makers have an internal cooling system to control the heat they generate during ice production. Most larger ice makers can be categorized into two types: air cooled or water cooled.

Air-cooled ice machines cycle air through internal fans and vents to cool down the machine. Water-cooled ice machines, on the other hand, use water to cool down the inside of the machine.

Most home built-in ice makers are air-cooled machines, but since the cooling system isn’t important to most residential customers, it’s typically not displayed. Instead, shoppers should ensure the ice maker can be installed as a built-in unit, which has the appropriate cooling and venting system to work within cabinetry.


Before shopping for a built-in ice maker, consider its probable location in the kitchen. An undercounter ice maker must be plumbed into the home’s water supply, so it must be close to a water supply line. Most undercounter ice makers measure 15 inches wide and are 25 to 35 inches tall and 20 to 25 inches deep. Besides size, other factors to consider include the machine’s electrical demands, as well as water supply, drainage, and ventilation requirements.

Some ice machines also require a drainage line to siphon off any water in the machine. These appliances rely on either gravity or a drain pump to move the water, which is typically more convenient. Non-draining ice machines handle water internally.

Other Features

Several other features may make an undercounter ice maker more affordable and pleasant to use, including its maintenance requirements, energy efficiency, level of operation noise, and interior lighting.

Ice makers should be kept clean to prevent bacteria growth and reduce mineral scale buildup. A self-cleaning cycle, which cleans the inside of the machine (often with a chemical cleaner), makes maintaining and cleaning the machine easier.

Because they’re quite large, running an undercounter ice maker requires more electricity. To reduce the impact, consider an Energy Star-rated model, which is more efficient.

Also consider the machine’s noise level, especially in areas that receive heavy use. While most manufacturers don’t state the noise level, get an idea of the ice maker’s decibel level by researching third-party and shopper reviews.

Interior LED lighting makes it easier to see the ice levels and scoop ice, especially in darker environments like a home bar or basement.

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