Top 10 Best Wireless Home Intercom Systems in 2022 Reviews

It has never been easier to communicate with your family within your home, no matter if you have a small, average, or huge home. In the past, if you wanted to talk to someone in a different part of your home, you only had two options. You could either go and find them or yell to them. Today, luckily, all you have to do is get the best wireless home intercom system available, and you’ll be able to communicate more easily with your entire family, no matter where they are in your home. These handy devices can also act as security and monitoring cameras or smart doorbells, helping to make your home that much safer.

Now, there is obviously a lot that you need to consider when you are looking for a home intercom system. You need to take the size of your home into account, as well as whether you want to just communicate with your intercom or also use it as a security system. The next consideration has to be what kind of wireless system you want to use and what kind of power source the intercom will utilize. As you can see, there is a lot to consider when you are looking to find the best intercom system for your needs!

Luckily for you, we have done all of this hard work! We have also taken the time to find the best systems on the market today, by researching thousands of different customer reviews and product features. In this article, you will find an in-depth analysis of the premier intercoms on the market. If you still aren’t sure what you need to look for in a system, then be sure to read through our buying guide, as this will give you everything you need to know to find the right intercom for your needs.

10. VTech CS6529-4B 4-Handset DECT 6.0 Cordless Phone with Answering System and Caller ID, Expandable up to 5 Handsets, Wall-Mountable, Blue/Green/Red/Silver

10. Intercom Camera,Video Door Phone Intercom Doorbell, Wired Video Door Phone Audio Visual Entry Intercom System

It has an electronic control unlock function thus you can easily open the lock with power on or utilize the special access control power supply. As well, it has six-night vision infrared lights hence very simple to operate even in the dark. It also features an adjustable volume, color, and brightness to perfect meet your various needs. Furthermore, it has 7-inch digital color LCD screen, true high definition 16:9 widescreen display, low power consumption and ultra-thin design.

9. Hands-Free Intercoms Wireless for Home Business, Wuloo Upgrade Two Way Audio Intercom System for Elderly, Full Duplex Room to Room Intercom with 5280 ft Range Clear Sound Anti-Interference, Pack of 2

9. Wireless Intercom System, 20-Channel 3 Code Clear Speech Security Intercom

It has LCD display which shows your channel, group channel and while selecting another channel. It also has 20 channel modern version immediate intercom system hence offers more channel and more choices. As well, it features secret digital channel and duo to anti-interference signal technology thus perfectly works for you in any location. Additionally, it is enough for you to have an effective and safe communication at your office or home.

8. Intercoms Wireless for Home 1 Mile Long Range – GLCON 10 Channel 3 Code Wireless Intercom System for Buiness Office House Elderly – Room to Room Home Intercom Communication System (Pack of 4)

8. Wireless Intercom System, 20-Channel Long Range 3 Code Security Intercom

This remarkable wireless home intercom system offers an easy communication way for calling your office or family members. Also, it has 20 channel modern version immediate intercom system hence offers more channel and more choices. Moreover, it is enough for you to have an effective and safe communication at your office or home. In addition, it features secret digital channel and duo to anti-interference signal technology thus perfectly works for you in any location.

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7. 5 Pack Wireless Intercom System for Home Business – 10 Channels 3 Code Intercoms Wireless for House Office – GLCONN Room to Room Communication Intercom System

7. TMEZON 7 Inch Wireless/WiFi Smart IP Video Door Phone Intercom System Doorbell Entry 4-Montior

It is equipped with modern IP technology thus when visitors press the doorbell your smartphone will receive the app notification. As well, the monitor supports Wi-Fi network, however the doorbell and indoor monitor is wired for high quality results. It also has automatic recording and snapshot once triggered motion is detected or the doorbell is pressed. Furthermore, it features double-way communication between the outdoor camera and indoor monitor thus very simple to operate and use. Besides, it has 7-inch TFT display monitor that has slim design, hand-free, and touch-key operation.

6. Chtoocy Rechargeable Intercoms Wireless for Home 1 Mile Range 10 Channel, Handheld Wireless Intercom System for Home Business Office, Home Room to Room Communication System (2 Packs, Black)

6. Commax 6-Apartment Building Audio Intercom Set

The set features audio intercom for six-apartment building with six-button lobby unit. It is also crafted of aluminum material and flush mounted type for maximum durability and performance. As well, the Lobby unit is powered with DC 12-volts and offers power to handsets. Additionally, the lobby unit allows for apartment call as well as talk to your visitors.

5. Hands-Free Two Way Intercoms Wireless for Home Business, Wuloo Upgrade Audio Intercom System for Elderly, Full Duplex Room to Room Intercom with 5280 ft Range Clear Sound Anti-Interference, 3-Pack

5. Eubell Smart Wireless WiFi Video Doorbell HD Security Camera

This intercom system is the new upgraded version which uses new technology. It’s a true full duplex system, hands-free use and easy to use. It also has better voice quality, longer signal range (1 mile), and lower power consumption. Moreover, this company specializes in designing and manufacturing FM wireless products for more than 20 years, with a philosophy of “customer first” incorporated in every detail.

This intercom also uses new technology which gives it a strong anti-interference ability. There are also 10 types of chimes available, the volume of the chime is adjustable, and the call volume can also be adjusted.

4. Hosmart Full Duplex Wireless Intercom System Real Time, Two -Way Communication for Home and Office,Hands Free, Portable intercom, with Crystal Clear Sound, 1000 feet Range

4. DREAMVAN Home WiFi Smart Wireless Security Doorbell Visual Intercom Recording Video Kits

The intercom can be used out of box, then plug and begin communicating. It is truly that simple and hassle free. Monitor function can be monitored continuously. Group function, Increase/lower volume, can have 10 different ring tones.

Home intercom System works with USB 5V/1A adapter, or 18650 BATTERY as backup. However, the battery is not included.

3. Wuloo Intercoms Wireless for Home 1 Mile Range 22 Channel 100 Digital Code Display Screen, Wireless Intercom System for Home House Business Office, Room to Room Intercom Communication(3Stations Black)

3. Benlet Home WiFi Smart Wireless Security Doorbell Visual Intercom Recording Video Kits

This amazing wireless home intercom system is made of high quality ABS materials for maximum stability, strength and long lasting use. Also, it permits you to record broad angle HD videos hence you maintain a clear view of your home’s or office’s entrance for maximum security. Furthermore, the APP play back function allows you to easily view all the record history. In addition, it has infrared LEDs which permit you to record videos even in the dark thus you easily speak and see your visitors.

2. Hosmart Intercoms Wireless for Home,1/2 Mile Wireless Intercom System for Business Office,2022 Upgraded Version Room to Room Intercom (2 Packs)

2. TMEZON Video Door Phone Doorbell Intercom System

Hosmart Intercoms Wireless has clean sound quality. An enhanced signal with 1/2 mile helps ensure crisp sound quality. Due to anti-interference signal technology and secret digital channel, the wireless intercom system works perfectly in any place.

The monitor function can monitor 10 hours at once. Group function (conference call) can call all the stations in the intercom system. Moreover, it is ideal for use as an alert aid for elderly or disabled to quickly and easily call for help.

1. Wuloo Intercoms Wireless for Home 5280 Feet Range 10 Channel 3 Code, Wireless Intercom System for Home House Business Office, Room to Room Intercom, Home Communication System (4 Packs, Black)


Home intercom system has excellent signal with clear sound quality and long range. An enhanced signal with 5280 feet range helps ensure crisp sound quality. Moreover, it features an enhanced anti-interference and can work with other intercoms with the same digital channel code.

This home intercom system have features include Monitor, Talk, VOX (Voice Operated Exchange), Group, and Calling function.  It is easier to use than others with user-friendly multi-functions and included step-by-step instructions. Additionally, this home intercom system is compatible with Power Bank (5V 1A) making it easy to take these intercoms any place you want. Besides, it designed with back hole for wall mounting.

The above are the top 10 best wireless home intercom systems in 2022 that will definitely meet all your various needs. They are design to ensure that you easily monitor your home’s entrance for optimum security. They are also designed to be very simple to use and operate with LCD display. Additionally, they offer automatic snapshot and recording for high quality results.

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Key features to consider before buying an intercom system

Now, that you know what is the wireless intercom system, it’s time to make clear how you can use it and what to look for before buying your very best.

Types of wireless intercom system

There are two different choices that you can pick from when it comes to wireless home intercoms. The type that you choose depends solely on your personal preference and how you intend to utilize your system. You can either choose from an audio-only system or one that features video as well.

Audio – Audio systems will only allow you to talk to each other. These work great for communicating with all of your family members quickly and easily, but they would not be a good choice if you want to use your intercom as a security system.

Video – Video monitors provide you with the same functions as an audio monitor, with the bonus of being able to see who you are talking to, or who is at your front door. These make them ideal for use as a monitoring system. The only drawback is that they tend to be more expensive than audio-only models.

Power source

While these devices are wireless in how they connect to each other, they still need to be powered in some manner. All of the systems on the market operate with a plug-in option. This will help to keep them online for most of the time.

If, however, for whatever reason your home loses power, it might also be a good idea to look for a system that features a battery backup. That way, you will still be able to use it, at least for a little while even though you are without power in your home. This would be an essential feature for a security system or baby monitor.

Type of connection

When it comes to how your intercom system will connect with each other, you have two basic choices. You can either choose a system that connects with your home Wi-Fi or one that will only connect to other intercom devices. Both of these options have their own advantages and disadvantages, but the secure connections are usually the way to go.

This type of connection is super easy to set up. All you need to do is place the devices that you wish to connect within the appropriate range, click them on the same channel, and voila, you are ready to roll. Of course, the main reason that intercoms with secure connections are preferable to ones that use Wi-Fi is because of their secure nature.

Number of channels

You can get intercom systems that only use a small number of channels or units that have up to 20 different secure channels. The idea behind these different channels is that they allow you to have a private conversation with one, or a few people, in your home without anyone being able to listen in.

The availability of multiple secure channels also helps to make the intercom system more secure. By using a different channel every once in a while, you reduce the risk of anyone being able to listen in from outside of your home.

Connection distance

Depending on the size of your home, you will want to pay close attention to the connection distance of the intercom devices. This distance will dictate how many units you will need to use your system effectively.


While it might seem like a straightforward idea, not all of the wireless intercom systems can be expanded upon. Make sure that you read the labels and system details carefully before you make your final purchase. Otherwise, you won’t be able to get your intercoms to reach to every corner of your household as you would hope.

One-to-One or One-to-Many

Since this intercom is going to be used in a home setting, you want to be sure that you select one that allows you to connect between one system or multiple systems at a time. This will allow you to have private discussions or make family announcements.

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