Top 10 Best Electric Weed Eaters for The Money in 2022 Reviews

Have you been putting off weeding? Help is at hand with the best electric weed eaters. They’re a fast, convenient way to eliminate weeds and keep your yard looking at its best. Best of all, this frees up your time for more rewarding gardening jobs, or simply for admiring the view.

Not only are weeds unsightly, but if left to their own devices, they can spread quickly and steal water, nutrients, and sunlight from your favorite plants. If you struggle to keep on top of those pesky weeds, investing in an electric weed eater is a practical solution.

When it comes to figuring out the best electric weed eater for you, we’ve got you covered. We looked for the best tools to keep your garden pristine. We considered features like high power output, a high number of revolutions per minute, and a wide cutting stance for maximum power. Our round-up includes models from top brands including Black + Decker, Worx, and Ryobi.

In your search for the best electric weed eater, you may come across gas-powered versions. We focused on electric models as they make for a more planet-friendly choice. Your neighbors will thank you as they are much quieter. Even better, you don’t have the hassle of replacing the gas. For these reasons, they’re better suited to your average gardener.

While gas weed eaters offer higher power, they’re not common in a domestic setting. You’re more likely to see landscapers using them when gardening on a larger scale. Electric-powered options are more suited to tackling neglected plots that are choked with weeds.

10. Werktough 20V Cordless String Grass Trimmer/Edger Easy Use 2.0 AH Battery Charger Included G001

Best Electric Weed Eaters for The Money 10. Werktough 20V Cordless String Grass Trimmer/Edger Easy Use 2.0 AH Battery Charger Included G001

Weighing just 4.1 pounds, this electric weed eater is easy to assemble, operate and maintain. The tool is also lightweight hence is not burdensome. It comes with a comfortable grip handle and includes an edge guide. In addition, it can convert from a trimmer to an edger at the push of a button. Moreover, the unit is powered by a 4.1 amp motor, features an extendable handle and is equipped with a 14” cutting path.

9. BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer, Electric, 14-Inch (BESTE620FF)

Best Electric Weed Eaters for The Money 9. Earthwise ST00009 9-Inch 2.4-Amp Electric String Trimmer

Improve your trimming experience with this 14″ cutting width, 6.5 Amp electric weed eater. It is very easy to operate and does not need a rip cord. Moreover, it is lightweight and very easy to maneuver. In addition, it comes with an external UL water proof plug and the dual cutting lines ensure efficient trimming. In addition, with 11000 RPMs, the motor provides enough power for the job.

8. Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

Best Electric Weed Eaters for The Money 8. Toro 51480 Corded 14-Inch Electric Trimmer/Edger

This powerful electric weed trimmer has a 4.2 –amp motor and a 14-inch diameter cutting surface assuring you efficient performance. In addition, it is a dual line trimmer while the 3 position pivoting head provides options for edging. It also comes with an inbuilt cord retainer and its handle is very comfortable to hold. Furthermore, the telescoping aluminum shaft easily adjusts for different body sizes. This weed trimmer also includes a pivoting flower guard that ensure lines are straight and keep plants safe.

7. Greenworks 4 Amp 13″ Corded Electric String Trimmer

Best Electric Weed Eaters for The Money 7. Black & Decker GH3000R 7.5 Amp 14 in. Curved Shaft Electric String Trimmer / Edger (Certified Refurbished)

This is another powerful electric weed eater for the money in 2022. It 4-amp motor provides efficient trimming and the cutting edge is 13 inches. It is also lightweight and the auto-feed mechanism works very well. As well, it uses a thicker line for additional superior trimming experience. Moreover, it is very easy to use and you can adjust its length for different jobs. If you hate disturbing noise while trimming, you will love this unit since it operates quietly.

6. Greenworks 5.5 Amp 15″ Corded Electric String Trimmer

Best Electric Weed Eaters for The Money 6. Craftsman 16

Compact, lightweight, powerful yet easy to use are the outstanding features of this electric weed eater. No trimming job is difficult with this 16 inch corded electric weed eater. It is equipped with a powerful 10-amp motor helping you tackle tough grass and weeds easily. In addition, the split-shaft feature allows switching out universal attachments when doing specific jobs. Moreover, the trimmer is light weight but sturdy enough for efficient trimming. It is also easy to assemble, operate and maintain.

5. BLACK+DECKER String Trimmer with Auto Feed, Electric, 6.5-Amp, 14-Inch (BESTA510)

Best Electric Weed Eaters for The Money 5. Weed Eater WE14T, 14 in. 4.2-Amp Electric Corded String Trimmer

With a push button and intuitive controls, the trimmer powers instantly without pull cords, oil, gas or fumes. It is equipped with a powerful 6.5-amp motor and comes with a large 14 inch cutting surface. Besides, it easily converts to an edger because of the Twist N’ Edge feature. Moreover, its adjustable handle provides a comfortable grip for any user while the inbuilt foot pedal converts the trimmer to a horizontal position whenever needed. It is also equipped with a plant guard to protect plants and preserve the trimmer line.

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4. Worx WG119 15 Electric String Trimmer, 4.9″ x 9.2″ x 38.6″, Orange and Black

Best Electric Weed Eaters for The Money 4. Worx WG119 15 Electric String Trimmer, 4.9

Control, comfort and versatility conveniently blend in this 5.5 amp electric weed eater. It features a 15″ cutting edge ensuring trimming is completed faster. As well, the dual line auto-feed ensures quick line advance with no bumping. Moreover, the telescoping shaft, 4-position adjustable head and a balanced design promotes comfort and minimizes fatigue. In addition, the tool comes with a foldable spacer guard that ensures trees and walls are not damaged by the cutting edge.

3. Black & Decker GH900 Gh900 String Trimmer

Best Electric Weed Eaters for The Money 3. Black & Decker GH900 Gh900 String Trimmer

This electric weed eater is equipped with a 14″ cutting surface and a 6.5- amp motor for powerful trimming. It is also lightweight and ergonomically designed giving maximum comfort.
In addition, the unit features AFS auto feed system that ensures continuous work trimming without bumping. As well, converting the trimmer to an edger is very easy. The package also includes an Auxiliary handle and a guard.

2. Greenworks 18-Inch 10 Amp Corded String Trimmer (Attachment Capable) 21142

Best Electric Weed Eaters for The Money 2. Greenworks 18-Inch 10 Amp Corded String Trimmer (Attachment Capable) 21142

This is one of the best electric weed eaters for the money. It is equipped with a powerful 10-amp motor with a straight shaft and a 0.080 dual line bump feed. It is also light weight and very simple to operate. In addition, with an 18″ cutting path, trimming is faster when using this electric weed eater. The unit is also ergonomically designed to ensure the operator is comfortable while trimming.

1. BLACK+DECKER ST8600 5 Amp 13″ String Trimmer/Edger

Best Electric Weed Eaters for The Money 1. BLACK+DECKER ST8600 5 Amp 13

Our top choice for the best electric weed eater for the money in 2018 is the BLACK+DECKER ST8600. It is equipped with a powerful 5.0 amp motor featuring POWERDRIVE transmission and a 13 inches cutting swath. Also, Automatic Feed Spool (AFS) functionality ensures no bumping or interruption while trimming. The unit is also light weight and comfortable to use with pivoting handle positions and an adjustable height. In addition, a cord retention system is in place to prevent accidental cord disconnection while working and the edge guide ensures precise edging.

These are the best electric weed eaters for the money in 2022. As you have noticed, each of the featured models promises superior trimming. They are also affordable. Enjoy a great lawn or yard when you invest in any of these electric heaters.

Are electric weed eaters any good?

If you’re looking for a fast, effective way to keep your yard a weed-free zone then a weed eater is a solid investment. They help take the hassle out of weeding so you can relax and enjoy your garden. The best electric weed eaters boast high power, with some models providing around 40 volts. This means the device can handle an hour’s worth of weeding. Compared to gas weed eaters, they’re much quieter and so can keep your garden feeling like a tranquil haven.

If you’ve tried a gas weed eater in the past, you may have found it cumbersome to use. You’ll be pleased to know that electric weed eaters are much lighter, with the average machine weighing in at about 5lbs. This is because they don’t have a tank of fuel attached, unlike their gas counterparts. As electric weed eaters are lightweight, they are much easier to use for long periods.

If you’re looking to do your bit for the planet and save yourself money, then an electric weed eater is a great option. Unlike gas models, they don’t rely on fossil fuels. They also offer great value for money with the average model costing around $70. Plus you’ll have none of the fuss of buying replacement gas.

Gas vs electric weed eaters

What’s the difference between gas and electric weed eaters? You’ll typically find gas weed eaters in a professional gardening setting. This is because landscapers are working on a much larger scale and may need to tackle extremely overgrown plots. In this scenario, the power of a gas weed eater is necessary to blitz established weeds and last all day.

If you’re looking for a device for everyday use at home, then we would recommend choosing an electric weed eater. They’re lightweight which makes them easy and convenient to use and you don’t have the hassle of topping up the gas. They produce zero emissions so are far more planet-friendly than their gas counterparts. Electric weed eaters are much quieter so can keep your garden feeling peaceful and avoid disturbing the neighbors. They help you fast-track your way to a tidy yard meaning you have more time to sit back and enjoy it.

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Cordless electric weed eaters vs corded

Corded electric weed eaters provide you with constant and consistent power without having to recharge your machine. They are quite often a lot lighter too as they haven’t got the added weight of a battery. However corded weed eaters don’t give you as much flexibility in terms of reaching the furthest place in your garden. More often than not, corded models require the purchase of an extension lead – particularly if you have got a large and lengthy yard to clear.

Cordless electric weed eaters give you more mobility. You can travel far and wide to rid your weeds with this type of battery-powered gadget because you aren’t limited by a cable. However cordless electric weed eaters can often be a bit heavier than their corded counterparts. That’s because they have the added weight of the rechargeable battery.

Some cordless options also have lengthy battery charge times so watch out for that. Plus if you forget to recharge the battery before using your outdoor power tool, this can be a pain. Due to the fact you are running on battery – rather than mains power – you also have a limit to your cutting time.

What to look for in an electric weed eater

There are plenty of options when it comes to purchasing a good electric weed eater, but it’s crucial to decide on a model that’s suitable for you. That includes looking at the design and working out if it’s lightweight enough for you to carry around for as long as you’d like, especially if you have any issues that might impact your strength.

You’ll also want to decide on power options depending on how big your garden is, and amp up the power if your garden is larger. Warranty is another thing to bear in mind, as though an electric weed eater won’t break the bank, you don’t want to be lumbered with a model you can’t replace or get help with.

Electric weed eater power and battery

One of the most important things to consider when purchasing an electric string trimmer is if it has the power you need to accomplish the type of work you do. We looked for weed whackers that have high amps for corded models and high-voltage batteries for cordless ones.

The more power a weed trimmer has, the tougher the grass and weeds it can tackle. We evaluated and compared cordless and corded electric string trimmers and found that regardless of the power source, if you choose a trimmer with enough power, you can trim efficiently.

When choosing between a corded and cordless weed eater, consider the type of work you need the trimmer to do and the size of your yard. Buying a trimmer that requires an extension cord limits your mobility, but that may not be a problem if you have a small yard.

The advantage of using a cord is you don’t have to worry about the battery eventually dying and needing to be replaced. However, a cordless trimmer gives you limitless mobility, so it’s likely the best option if you have a large yard or need to trim in a remote location.

Maintaining your electric weed wacker

While electric trimmers don’t require nearly as much maintenance as their gas counterparts, there are things you can do on a regular basis to keep them running well for an extended period. Kristi Howard, of Black & Decker Outdoor Products, says that a common problem with electric string trimmers involves people using the wrong gauge of extension cord to power them. Howard says you should be sure to use an extension cord that is heavy enough to carry the current your product will draw.

“An undersized cord will cause a drop in line voltage resulting in loss of power and overheating,” Howard explains. “When in doubt, use the next heavier gauge.” She says the letters WA on the cord jacket indicate a cord that is suitable for outdoor use. Regarding corded versus cordless trimmers, Howard feels they are comparable in terms of power. Corded trimmers are generally less expensive than battery-operated trimmers and are easy to maintain, but they have less mobility.

To properly maintain an electric trimmer, Howard suggests checking for damaged parts and cleaning off the air intake slots before each use to avoid overheating. She says you should never immerse an electric string trimmer in water or clean it with a pressure washer, and you should store it indoors, out of reach of children. “Keeping your trimmer regularly maintained should minimize your need for larger repairs,” Howard adds.

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