Top 10 Best Tow Behind Broadcast Spreaders in 2022 Reviews

Are you searching for a high quality tow behind broadcast spreader that will meet your various needs? We know that it is not easy to identify the best spreader with so many models in the market at the moment. But we are here to simplify your purchase experience. Therefore, we have composed reviews of the top 10 best tow behind broadcast spreaders in 2022. Check them out and buy the one that will meet your needs.

10. Agri-Fab 45-0329 185 lb. ATV Tow Broadcast Spreader

10. Agri-Fab 45-0329 185 lb. ATV Tow Broadcast Spreader

It has a capacity of 185 lbs and covers about 40,000 square feet. Its spread width can also be up to 12 feet. Besides, the spreader is equipped with big pneumatic tires measuring 15 by 6 inches with a gear disengage and ball bearings. In addition, it comes with a spreader grate and vinyl hopper cover. Moreover, it is easy to assemble and operate.

9. At Home 75 lb. Drop Spreader (me)

9. Guide Gear UTV/ATV Receiver Mount Spreader Seeder, 80-lb.

The spreader can hold up to 10000 cubic inches of material with up to 10 feet never-flat tires. It also perfectly fits into 2 inch receiver of a UTV or ATV and hooks very quickly. As well, it is equipped with a 12V motor that is well sealed to keep it from the wiring harness and debris. Besides, the controls of this unit are within easy reach of the driver. In addition, it comes with a rain cover that installs very quickly when it begins to snow or rain.

8. 45-0530 Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader – 85 lbs

8. Guide Gear ATV/UTV or Utility Tractor Heavy Duty Receiver Mount Spreader, 125 lb.

This is a reliable tow behind broadcast spreader designed to make your work very easy. It is equipped with a powerful 9 HP Briggs 38 Stratton engine comes complete with a cart vacuum chipper and tractor cutting deck adapter built to f. It is also made from high quality materials for long lasting use and superior strength. As well, it can hold 16 gallons of small grain, fertilizer of grass seed. Besides, its capacity is 85 lbs with 12 feet broadcast width. Moreover, it mounts very easily to a utility tractor, UTV or ATV. Furthermore, it contains a rain cover that increases protection even further.

7. Agri Fab 45-0530 Tow Spreader, Black

7. Brinly AS-40BH Tow Behind Combination Aerator Spreader, 40-Inch, Black

Agri-fab 45-0530 85lb tow spreader, agri-fab which is designed for homeowners who want beautiful lawns yet want the job of lawn care to be quick and easy. It is made from premium components for increased strength and long lasting use. Its hopper is therefore made of steel and withstands flexing or twisting. As well, it contains robust nylon spacers. In addition, the calibrated flow control feature with adjustable stop ensures precise spread patterns. Moreover, it comes with galvanized tine spikes and a tubular tow tube.

6. Brinly BS26BH-A Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader with Weatherproof Cover and Universal Hitch, 125 lb.

6. Brinly BS36BH, Black, 175 lbs Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader

All parts of this broadcast spreader are made from robust materials to last for long. This is also a high-capacity unit with a hopper that can hold up to 125 lbs of ice melt, seed, or fertilizer. Besides, it features patented automatic flow design with spread pattern control for thorough level results. Other excellent features include easy calibration and universal hook-up.

5. Sealey SPB57T Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader, 57kg

5. NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer Boom Broadcast and Spot Sprayer - 21-Gallon Capacity, 2.2 GPM, 12 Volt DC

This is one of the best tow behind broadcast spreaders you can buy today. It is also equipped with a spot sprayer hence suitable for spraying work as well. In addition, it is made from premium materials to withstand extended use. Additionally, it comes with a micro switch for enhanced efficiency and durability. Moreover, this unit comes with a big tank with thick UV resistant walls.

4. Agri-Fab 45-0543 100 lb. Tow Spiker/Seeder/Spreader, Black

4. Field Tuff Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader - 350-Lb. Capacity, Model# FTF-350TST

The large capacity unit suitable for big areas. It features three adjustable slide openings for efficient performance. The spreader is also made from high quality components for increased durability. The hopper is therefore made of steel and comes with 10 inches pneumatic wheels. Moreover, it is possible to disengage the gear for transportation.

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3. Agri-Fab 85 lb. Tow Broadcast Spreader 45-0530 85 lb. Tow Broadcast Spreader, One Size, Black

3. Agri-Fab, Inc. 130 lb. Broadcast Tow Behind Spreader Model #45-04632

This is a high end tow behind broadcast spreader that is made from durable components for long lasting use. It is also compatible with numerous tractors, ATVS or UTVs because of the universal hitch. In addition, the spreader has up to 9 feet width ensuring reliable coverage. Besides, it is very easy to operate. Moreover, the spreader comes with large pneumatic tires.

2. Brinly BS36BH-A Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader with Weatherproof Cover and Universal Hitch, 175 lb.

2. Earthway 2050TP Estate 80-Pound Semi-Assembled Broadcast Tow Spreader

The spreader fits most lawn tractors very well and features a system that ensures uniform spreading. It is also made from durable components to last for long. In addition, the handlebar controls are designed to ensure accurate release rates. In addition, it contains large, non-slip pneumatic tires. Furthermore, its capacity is 175 lbs and features pin hitch mounting.

1. Agri-Fab 45-0463 130-Pound Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

1. Super Heavy Duty Pull-Tow Behind 130 Pound Yard Lawn Field Garden Broadcast Spreader- Rod Linked On/Off With Precise Settings

It is a convenient and practical unit perfect for large areas. It is also made from premium components for increased strength and durability. In addition, it is easy to operate and has a number of features that ensure smooth operation. Besides, it has a capacity of 130 lbs and comes with hopper grates, hopper covers and material deflectors. The hopper grates, hopper covers and material deflectors greatly increase the reliability of the spreader.

These are the top 10 best tow behind broadcast spreaders according to users’ reviews and their features. They are made from premium materials for increased strength and long lasting use. In addition, they have sufficient capacity hence suitable for different tasks. These broadcast spreaders are therefore highly recommended. Get one today!

Factor To Consider When Choosing A Tow Behind Broadcast Spreader

Reliability (Warranty)

All of the spreaders above come with some sort of warranty. As a homeowner, most of the warranties included will suffice, but if you plan on using your spreader for commercial use, you should check with the manufacturer to see if that shortens the warranty period.

Also, keep in mind, that all of these spreaders have limited warranties, which means they won’t cover everything.

Most limited warranties only cover actual malfunctions due to something wrong from the factory, not if something breaks after excessive use. However this can vary depending on the manufacturer, so visiting the company’s website and reading the fine print is smart before you make a purchase. Especially since a tow behind spreader can be an expensive piece of equipment.

Quality Of Spread

Another important rating decision is the actual quality of the spread – meaning how good of a job does it do spreading the application. After all, that is why you are buying a spreader :).

It’s hard to say if any of the models above have a better spread than the other, but I can say that they do have better consistency of spread vs other models not mentioned. So in this category, I would say they are all about even.

Assembly/Ease Of Use

If you’re ordering your spreader online, chances are there will be some assembly required. I know how frustrating it can be to try and assemble something with poor directions, so it’s important to take a look at how easy they are put together.

The Agri-Fab spreaders have a quick assembly that will take only about 20 minutes, and the Brinly even has an easy to follow, step-by-step assembly video.

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Customers have also attested that the Earthway is pretty easy to put together.

All of these spreaders make it easy to adjust the spread rate through simple hand controls. All the hoppers can also be closed without getting off your lawn tractors seat which saves you time.

Why Should You Buy A Tow Behind Spreader?

While there are many different types of spreaders – such as a hand held or push spreader – the pull-behind spreader is a great option for those with a large area to cover.

A handheld spreader is small and easy to store but requires that you walk around and spread the fertilizer or seed on foot which is pretty inconvenient and time consuming if you have a large piece of property.

While the push spreaders will take the weight off your shoulders, pushing a heavy hopper of fertilizer around your yard for hours is tough work.

A pull behind lawn spreader is really the best way to put down product on a large piece of property.

What To Look For In A Top Rated Model

When looking for a pull behind spreader, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind to ensure you get the best model for your yard.

First, you want to look for one made with durable materials that will be resistant to weather and corrosion. Having an enclosed gear-box is a good sign your spreader will be less likely to get damaged from the weather.

You’ll also want to make sure the hitch is compatible with whatever type of tractor, mower or ATV you intend to pull the spreader with, and that you can reach the spreader controls easily.


Pull Behind Broadcast Spreader

A tow behind broadcast spreader use a spinning fan mechanism to shoot the contents from the hopper out in a circular spray as the spreader moves along. This broadcast of seed, fertilizer, ice-melt, etc., allows for even distribution over a large area.

FYI, if you use your spreader for salt or ice-melt, you want to make sure you clean it after every use. Ice-mel chemicals can break down the spreader faster than normal.

Broadcast spreaders save time and energy by covering a larger area more quickly than drop spreaders can, but they don’t perform as well in tight spaces.

Tow Behind Drop Spreader

A pull behind drop spreader has benefits as well.

A drop style spreader is ideal in situations where you need more precision to your distribution.

While broadcast spreaders send a wider spray, they can also end up causing you to waste your fertilizer or seed in certain areas you don’t want to.

For instance, if you have lots of flower beds, gardens or ponds and don’t want any of the product you are spreading to reach those areas, a drop spreader will only put down product where you drive.

Difference Between Cheap And Expensive Models

The biggest difference you’ll find in the cheap and expensive models of spreaders is the size of the hoppers and the durability of the components.

Cheaper models will be more suited to residential yard work, while the more expensive models will be suitable for commercial jobs requiring more frequent use and constant wear.

Typically cheaper models are built with lots of inexpensive plastics where more expensive models use heavier duty plastics and metal.

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